A few days ago I got into the elevator in a library on campus. I was alone in the elevator, but I saw a man carrying a heavy bag and a lot of books coming toward the elevator so I held the door from him. He thanked me. In the process I noticed that he was wearing a bright pink shirt with a pink plaid tie, pink suspenders and even pink socks. I told him I liked the pink (and I really did!), and he told me that it is his 6-year-old daughter's favorite color and everyday they pick out their clothes together, but she likes it the most when they match.

Personally, I find that very endearing and I said so. He proceeded to tell me a little bit more about his daughter (This is a 10 floor academic library, and I was going to the top so we had a minute) and it really warmed my heart to hear about how loving and involved his relationship. He was a kind of kooky, animated guy, and as he got off the elevator before me he said "Merry Christmas!" even though it is May. I wished him a Merry Christmas back and carried on with my trip to the library.

I don't meet too many new people or interact with strangers very frequently, but that briefly and slightly offbeat conversation totally made my day.

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