I couldn't remind any recent but this one happened with me a couple of weeks back. One fine day in the evening while coming back from work I was waiting for the bus at the bus stop. The bus was due to arrive after 20 mins.

Along with me there was also a couple who were not less than in their 80s. Both of them had wrinkled face, crooked hands-fingers and a very weak voice, still the old lady was able to talk constantly( just like all young women do!). The man with her was constantly looking at her face and smiling without uttering a word. He used to just shook his head at times.

Couple of minutes later it started raining. The old man quickly started empting one of his plastic bags into another one. I was surprised and really had no idea what he was up to, until he started pressing the plastic bag on the lady's head. He was trying his best not to let her head get wet.

The minute I realised what he was trying to do, I detached my jacket hood and offered her. The lady refused but after insisting 2-3 times she had it on.

Since it was windy, a hair fringe of her's dropped on her forehead and this so called 'Old Man' in his 80s slowly held the fringe and put it back behind her ear.

The weather was bad, it was cold and windy, I was completely drenched still the pleasure of seeing the old couple made me smile for no reason. It some how made me believe that love does exist between couples when they are too old. The man didn't speak a word during the whole period but his gestures were enough. His hands were shivering, he didn't have strong arms but so much love in his eyes was incomparable to anything in the world!

The moment made my day!!

I could just smile and remember a picture I saw on Facebook once.

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