It was March 2, 2014 - the day I turned 30. I was not so pleased to be "saying goodbye to my youth," as I put it. My brother and his wife live in Vegas so my parents thought it would be fun to take a week-long trip to celebrate my dad's (three days before mine) and my birthdays. We arrived - after a flight across the country - in the very early morning and went to sleep for a few hours. It was the day before my birthday and we spent the day just walking around jetlagged and tired. My five year old was acting strange. By late afternoon, she had completely deteriorated and was feeling hot. I chose to take her to the hotel room, give her some Tylenol and spend the evening caring for her while the rest of the gang hit the casinos. Next day, I woke up with a horrible yet familiar pain in my abdomen. It was my birthday, the day I was to say goodbye to my youth but my uterus decided to remind me that I'm still pre-menopause so cheer up, kid. So everything is going just swimmingly for me thus far in the vacation. Perfect. Oh did I mention I had just lost my job of nearly two years the month before which was the only reason I could take a week vacation? Right. Lots to be happy about on this day. It was, after all, my lifelong dream to reach 30 as an unemployed single mother. Success.

After some really awkward moments involving (1)my family bursting into the room with coffee and chocolates singing happy birthday as I stood in shock with nothing but a towel on and (2)asking my brother to pick up some tampons on his way over, we eventually set out on a grand adventure. My kid seemed to be feeling better but that was a trick of the Tylenol. I was bummed out and crampy and cranky and not at all happy to be 30. All I wanted really was to get a few minutes in the casino on this long trip because I'm sick of getting kicked out of the casinos. First, I was underage and now I am followed everywhere I go by a child. When will they let me stay? I just want to lose some money. Isn't my money as good as everyone else's? So anyway, as we are walking, I see my dad slyly swerve right towards the craps tables. My mom is holding my child's hand so I follow dad, thinking mom won't mind if I go off for a minute - it is my birthday, after all (I was wrong but that's okay). I know nothing about craps and I'm a curious kid so I asked my dad to explain it to me. As soon as we reach the table, the woman dealer asks me for ID. I look at her in shock, thinking she must be confused. I said, "really? I turned 30 today." She said she didn't believe it. She looked at my license and at me and then showed the woman next to her. They both seemed genuinely surprised that I was telling the truth; they wished me a happy birthday and gave me back my license. I think that was the happiest moment of the entire vacation and definitely of that day. I told the woman she had made my day and it was the truth.

I spent that evening in the room with my sick child after she threw up all over the floor in the lobby of the Wynn hotel. The rest of the trip wasn't much better. But it was fine because when I looked in the mirror, I saw something I had been ignoring in all the days leading up to this dreaded day. I still look amazing. Not just for thirty. I look younger than my age (being 5ft nothing doesn't hurt). I thought about all the times people asked me if my daughter was my sister and the older people talking about kids having kids (making me laugh because I had mine at 24). I had let thirty become this huge thing that hung over me like my life would just end on that day. Like this is it and *click* I would turn into a bitter old wench. But no. I am still as young and beautiful as I was the day before. That woman in the casino popped my bubble just by doing her job. What would have been an inconvenience on any other day turned into a huge compliment on this particular day.

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